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Revolutionize your property management experience in London with My Property Specialists. Our team, proficient in HMO management, offers both comprehensive and flexible management options, perfectly suited to the dynamic London market. Experience an effortless and efficient management process, complemented by our deep expertise and dedicated support, guiding you through every step of your property investment journey in London.

  • Expertise in Streamlined In-House Maintenance
  • Founded by Renowned Property Management Experts
  • In-Depth Knowledge of the London HMO Market
  • Extensive Network and Market Influence in London

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Simple pricing.

Introduction Only

£350 Per Tenant

Whats Included?
  • Tenant Acquisition
  • Tenant Referencing
  • Tenancy Agreement Drafting

Fully Managed

  • 24/7 Phone Line Access
  • Issue Tracker
  • Local Authority Support
  • Regular Property Inspections
  • In-House Maintenance team
  • Personal Property Manager


  • Vetted and Trusted Contractor Access
  • Inventory (Check-In/Check-Out)
  • Tenant acquisition
  • Tenant References

Property Management London

At My Property Specialists, we are the leading experts in managing residential properties and Houses in Multiple Occupation (HMOs) in the heart of London. Our commitment to quality, personalized service, and deep understanding of the London property market sets us apart.

Tailored Property Management Solutions in London

  • Bespoke Management for London Residences - London's vibrant neighbourhoods and diverse range of properties demand a bespoke approach. Our management services are customized to the unique characteristics of each London borough, from the historic streets of Westminster to the bustling markets of Camden. We ensure your property stands out in the competitive London market, attracting and retaining quality tenants.
  • HMO Management: Maximizing Returns in London - Our expertise in managing HMOs is unmatched, particularly in educational and tech hubs like Kings Cross and Shoreditch. We navigate the complexities of London's HMO regulations to maximize your returns while ensuring a high standard of living for tenants. Our proactive management approach keeps your HMO properties compliant, efficient, and profitable.
  • Tailored Services for London's Diverse Landlords - London's real estate market is as diverse as its population. Whether you own a quaint Notting Hill townhouse or a sleek Canary Wharf apartment, our personalized service adapts to your needs. We partner with you to develop a management strategy that aligns with your investment goals, ensuring you receive comprehensive support tailored to the London lifestyle.

As a renowned HMO agent in London, My Property Specialists facilitates seamless lettings and management processes, applying the same level of care and expertise that has seen us succeed in Southampton, Berkshire, Hampshire, and Reading. Our clients trust us for our transparent approach and our dedication to ensuring that every property is well-maintained, compliant, and profitable.

Stay Compliant

Certify Your Compliance: Quick and Trusted Certification Services

Navigate compliance with ease and confidence. Our comprehensive range of certification services, including the EICR, ensures your property meets all regulatory standards. Experience swift, reliable, and expert certification – all in one place. Get certified, stay compliant, and secure peace of mind with us.

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If you're looking for a property management company that truly understands the intricacies of London's property landscape, look no further. Our skilled team is ready to offer personalized advice and bespoke management services that stand out in the capital's competitive market.

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